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Good Morning!

Aw, Tony what age is the Babs? Do you work from home?

Boss...Banana Milkshake...home made? How 21st centurary of you!

Im in work! (CAD technician) not got much work on today so doing a bit of skiving. We are planning to update our website and have changed over to a new company as our previous one was rubbish. So I am researching (half for my self) about websites hierarchy. My bosses know nothing about websites (neither do I but they are from the ice age!), so I want to have something constructive to say when it comes to our first meeting with the web guy. Our last website ended up a bit rubbish mainly because of the direction given my my bosses as they decided what they wanted with out any knowledge behind it and the old web company just went with it meaning we had a pretty useless site with no SEO and in my opinion they through it together!

Take a look at Play and Leisure Services Ltd. | Play is the Beginning of Knowledge. Any advice as to what I should suggest at the meeting? (I'll be in the meeting because, in my bosses words..I know this typa stuff...which I dont lol!