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I've watched 2 episodes with my daughter and son ( not by choice!)....But I'm really getting into it.

If I hear Journey's, Don't stop Believing one more time - I may have to garrotte somebody with a shoelace!
I haven't given it a chance either...i'm rubbish at remembering when things are on the tv. When is it on?
I've got into 90210 recently (although it's extremely lame that they are meant to be 16 years old :confused:)
I watched the first two episodes on Sunday, it is ok, bit cheesy but the songs are really good and make up for it! :)

My fave TV show at the mo is Gossip Girl, its amazinggggggggg!!
I watched it but it wasn't the sorta thing for me. My girlfriend tried to get me to watch all of it before i resulted in going to workout in the gym.

I have seen that 90210 too, it's better i think.