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Giving & Receiving...


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Christmas gifts of course! What did you think I meant? Filthy, the lot of you...

Anyway, what exciting gifts are you planning/hoping to give/receive this Christmas? Among a myriad of things I spent time looking at in the Argos catalog today were watches I'd quite like myself, but as a gift for my nephew, ha. Also buying a charm bracelet (selecting relevant charms separately of course). Not much I really need or want this year, though a new computer chair might be nice.

What are you thinking of giving/receiving? Keep it clean now...


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I got myself a nexus 7 (32gb wifi) as a pressie to myself (combined xmas/bday) for being good... does that count :)

It was 20 quid cheaper than it should be at cpw so thought bargain.... and it's 'meant' to be for optimising my new site for mobile form too (yeah I know squiddy...) but so far it's been for gta 3 lol

Other than that I haven't even bothered thinking about it, I never do until after my birthday, I like to get that done first before thinking about christmas, one of the joys/pains of being born in december lol


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I was lucky enough to get a June birthday, only 6 months to wait for pressies each time! This stuff matters when you're a kid. These days not so much.


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I learnt at a very early age that if I combined my birthday and christmas 'presents' into 1 present I got an even better present at christmas (ie totals more than separate presents) and still got a present on my birthday albeit a smaller one, so I was quids in lol. So because of that I never actually cared that my birthday and christmas were so close together.

Unfortunately the days of big pressies from the parents stopped a LONG time ago, now I'm just thankful I don't get the 'socks and jumpers' that you're supposed to get from your parents at my age lol And I should be grateful my birthday wasn't on the 25th like some people I know :)

However I am a bit 'do you have to put your christmas lights up this early' until about 2 weeks before christmas... which is not good when some people out my way put them up in october....


Hey Jim, how long did you spend coming up with this thread title? ;)

I have to say, trying to think of good enough presents is most definitely not something I enjoy. I think everyone dreads that fake "Oh.... I love it...!! ....." response.. lol. I like to cook, amongst other things, so I'm making three different types of chocolate bark for a load of people and putting it in a nice box with some pretty ribbons... and shit. I even bought some fancy cooking chocolate for it ... maybe I'll put some pictures up when I get round to making it.

As for other presents, well, my partner is getting some Pandora stuff.. Unfortunately for my bank account, her birthday's in November, then we've got Christmas, and then our anniversary is in January... lol.

I'm hoping for a graphics tablet :nod:

Oh and Levi, with all the technology at your disposal, my expectations for your new site have just sky rocketed ;)


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Actually Squiddy it was the first title I thought of, not sure what that says about me... :p
Chocolate bark sounds like an interesting gift! More original than the boots 3 for 2 offers I've been giving my brother & sisters for years. Oh and Levi, my nephew's birthday is Boxing Day!
I'm lucky enough to have a June birthday as well, waiting for presents didn't seem that long as a kid, although I always got the bigger presents at Christmas.

I'm not quite sure what I want/will be giving, I've been far to busy with life to realise what time of year it is! Last time I checked it was August and things have just flown by. As usual though I don't really want anything. Recently I've been interested in getting an iMac but got that a couple of months ago (courtesy of my last job), apart from that, nope, nothing on my list. As always I'm just happy what I receive. I got the 'I want doesn't get' drilled into me as a kid, probably why I turned out not really wanting anything..

Giving money or gift vouchers doesn't seem personal at all but it avoids pretending to be happy when opening gifts, and you get more time to think about what you want.
My birthday is 2 days before but I always get 2 sets of presents. I remember kids in school used to always ask if I only got one present. :lol:

I've no idea what I want, I've wanted a Inkling for ages but I'm not 100% sure so I'm reluctant to ask for one, they'll probably release a newer updated version at some point and I don't want to be stuck with an old version that doesn't work as well. -_-

I love buying presents for people though, I like putting thought into what they might like or looking on etsy, notonthehighstreet etc. for something a bit "different".


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MoonPig is great, it even reminds you when someones got an upcoming birthday or event. Now if only it could automatically personalise and dispatch the cards, then we'd have a business. From the top ten gifts for designers, I'm crossing my fingers for a bit of Pantone art!


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So what did everyone get? I got some Hugo Boss, an FCUK messenger-type bag full of stuff, Terry Pratchett book A Blink of the Screen, and assorted goodies. Rather happy I was too. Spent christmas day at my sister's and ate a dinner that needed scaffolding to plate up!

Tony Hardy

I got some fairly cool art prints, aftershave, Odeon cinema vouchers, Nandos vouchers. Standard really B)


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@ Jimlad:

it's the only thing i wanted for xmas! it's ridiculously good.
i bought myself a bean grinder and my parents got me some weighing scales. it's serious business!