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Gigabit Network


Senior Member
Hey people,

who uses gigabit lan?

i'm installing cabling at work (fun little project!) for the upgrade and would like to know if its noticeable to go from 100 to 1000...



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We did some testing with this on a smallish to medium size lan at Uni adding and removing duplex and full duplex devices to work out speeds and difference in latency and delivery of different size data packets. It was very ineteresting! What cabling is being used across network and have you ran wireless yet?


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Try and get hold of some cat6 see what it does to the network. As for the wireless G it obviously only broadcasts at 54mbps but again have a tweek with it, It sounds so sad but I find this stuf really interesting!


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its only short run and its twisted pair solid so will be fine for the job, im not upgrading for out and out speed, just wanted to get a noticeable difference really, would have gone 6a or fibre


Staff member
I use 5e flex throughout the house, I haven't checked the mhz rating not that it actually makes any difference.

Think the longest run is something like 20m or so and I do not have directly linked into the internet I've got a wifi bridge for that. My wired network is all under ups protection so even if my router fries my pc's should be fine :)

You should see a small benefit although don't expect 10x the performance.

Last time I transferred stuff (large iso's) I was getting around 30MB average (upto 50MB according to network monitor) from a vista machine going to a windows 7 machine with the same hardware, I would expect slightly faster without vista being involved.