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Gig time

Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by chrismitchell, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Anyone got any Gigs that they are going to soon :)

    Just booked my tickets to watch Ben Kweller in May in London :clap:

    Anyone else? :)
  2. Harry

    Harry Senior Member

    Might be off to see my boss* play tonight.

    *Well not my boss but he is the next in command in my area of the company.
  3. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    Got tickets to see the Prodigy. Smack ma bitch up!
  4. they're still going? blimey...
  5. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    I hope so. Maybe I should take a book just in case:D
  6. well he might be getting on a bit... might have to come on using a walking stick :lol:
  7. berry

    berry Active Member

    Most probably doing Butlins or Haven!;)
  8. rossnorthernunion

    rossnorthernunion Senior Member


    Stadium Of Light

    June 10th.
  9. berry

    berry Active Member

    Nice to see the stadium getting some use.;)
  10. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    Headlining Oxegen V and Gatecrasher Festivals and a sell out tour. So I hear:p
  11. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    I'm booked to see Jack's Mannequin next Tuesday & next after that is Reading Festival on the August Bank Holiday weekend :D
  12. No thats Rick Ashley :lol:
  13. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Who's Rick Ashley?
  14. Actually.. i think its Chesney Hawkes who plays Butlins :lol: even worse!!

  15. captainrage

    captainrage Senior Member

    Almost bought tickets to the New York ATP last night.. Flaming Lips.. Animal Collective.. Panda Bear. Alas.. Credit crunch. :(
  16. ahh the joys of the recession :sarcasm:
  17. Adam

    Adam Senior Member

    Never been to a live gig before, its something i've always wanted to do! Although i'm not a massive fan of bands, only a select few i'd like to go and see
  18. berry

    berry Active Member

    I'm going to see ME play tonight! Hope I'm good or I'm not going to travel to see me again for a while.
  19. Adam

    Adam Senior Member

    You know what they say about being your own worst critic Berry!
  20. berry

    berry Active Member

    How can you not have seen a live gig before?
    Next thing you'll say is you've never ever played with your wiggly bit!

    Get out there and live a bit. See anything a local band, anything but do it now!:D

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