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Getting back into the groove.

Hey folks,

I'm an ex-freelancer who was forced to take an extended leave of absence from the design field due to long-term illness (boohissboo). Now I'm finally back in motion I've decided to try and get my foot back in the door and get myself back involved with the community. And back into work xD (anyone got any advice on refreshing a 5 year old portfolio?).

It's nice to meet everyone, I'm really looking forward to getting to know some folks around here.


What area of the design world did you work in before your break?
Hi bigdave!

At the time I was still halfway through a graphics degree so I was a bit of a jack of all trades as I was building up a bit of experience everywhere.

That said, when doing some work with a small company, I was doing a lot of vector illustration, web layouts and site concepts, some packaging design and also basic artworking such as photoshop banners. At this time I was also beginning to branch into basic HTML and CSS coding as well as getting into a bit of CMS.

On the personal project side I was developing my Flash skills although I'm not sure how big Flash use is these days (back when I was working in 2008 it was a bit of a hot topic at uni xD)


Staff member
HTML and CSS has moved on LOADS in the last 5 years so you'll have plenty to catch up on (it's pretty fun). As for flash... it's pretty much dead now, it's all about HTML5.
That's pretty helpful to know actually. At least it gives me an idea on which areas to focus on or ignore xD

I feel so terribly outdated!