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Geordie Translator


Active Member
Ye knaa what ah mean leik.
(I think it's working, except there's no Geordie > English translator so I'm winging it a bit now)


Senior Member
Wye aye spuggy man, tel me mam Im goin down tha grove

(also no translator used, altho I have no clue what I just said but thats my abiding memory of geordies on TV when I was growing up!)


Active Member
I say old bean, what on earth is this post all about? Is it something to with that popular television programme Star Trek and Klingon speak?
Don't get me started on the Klingon.
I used to know how to say...'can you direct me to the cocktail lounge' in Klingon.

Now however it has slipped my mind through under use and to avoid people calling me names.