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General Graphic Design Question

Evening guys, ladies...

Just a random off topic question here, we where recently interviewing 2 people for a part time graphic design position with ourselves one of them had a formal qualification and the other didn't but he had experience and he had been working in a studio for the last 10 years and the other had been freelancing it since leaving university for last couple of years.

The both had very good portfolios but the one with no formal qualification edged it as he provided more items of different nature including typography and some of his hobbies projects.

My question is do you have a formal qualification from a university or college or is experience more important.



Staff member
I couldn't care less what they're portfolios look like, nor their cvs.

I want to know if their files are workable. Can I edit them? Can anyone edit them?

Are they efficient, quick? Do they use styles, do they conform to current standards?

Do I have to make output vendors jump through hoops?

What I really want to know is do they know their stuff???

For me it's

What's the difference between Automatic Jpeg, Jpeg, Zip or None.

How do you determine the optimal resolution of an image?

And many others.

Stuff like that should be 2nd nature to an experienced designer and 1st nature to an experienced designer with a qualification.

Qualification? Can you do the job or not???

That's the question.