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G'day from down under ;)

Hey everyone! Im an 18 year old who has just finished year 12 at high school and Im trying to be a web and graphic designer! I live in Sydney, Australia and its around 35*c at the moment!

I have a site that showcases my clients sites and stuff like that here.

I am currently trying to teach myself jQuery and have a little project planned in the future that is way too super top secret to disclose :p

Hope that I can help a few of you guys and gals out every now and again.

Oh yeah, my name is Ryan Furtner, hence 'furtzdesigns' :p


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Hey Ryan,

Welcome to Design Forums, so are you currently looking for a position in Sydney then or planning to start up as a full-time freelancer? I like the little JS slider you have on your portfolio, works well :)

Intrigued by the super top secret project! lol
Look forward to hearing more from you.

Hey Greg, I'm looking at freelance stuff at the moment. This is mostly because I have finished my first year of the electrical trade and im going to finish that off before i do anything else. But eventually i would love to work in a design firm or have enough freelance work to live off!
That's exactly what I'm doing, and any days I have off from work I try to teach myself new stuff. Like i mentinied before I want to be pretty good with jQuery and then I will probably try and figure out wordpress.