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G'Day Everyone.

Just wanted to say hello. I am new here. I used to be a reasonable designer/developer/graphic artist. But those days are long gone as I had a serious nervous breakdown some years back. Now, I am retired and just interested in getting back into the new methods and whatever. For fun only. Not for profit.

I am a decent photographer. Nikon D300s and a truck load of Nikon lenses, intervelometers, Filters, all in the semi pro bracket.

Bought a Summer 2011 iMac 27". 8GB Ram etc (see Apples site for specs) Wacom A3 Intuous graphics tablet, Adobe Creative Suite Professional 5.5 (Mac) and Lightroom 3.6.

Ist time Mac user and loving the experience.

Lost most of my skills as a developer so will be really interested in learning HTML5, Javascript, JQuery etc.

My Flash skills were pretty good. But that is now redundant. So, in essence I am an OLD/Newbie! LOL

Looking forward to learning again from all you gurus out there.

All the best,
OldBuggerFromDownUnder :icon_smile: