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Tony Hardy

Are any of our forum users big gamers?

I'm not a massive gamer myself but I do like the odd go on my PS3 when I have 5 minutes to myself. Does anyone else play? What do you play?

If you're on PS3 please feel free to add me: Batman1904


I used to be a heavy gamer. Xbox, Xbox 360 - I wasted so much of my life on xbox live! I was into the shooters mostly, had a little clan and what-not... heh. I loved RPG's as well, but fallen out of love with them now since they decided to only make RPG's for 10 year olds and those with an IQ of less than 70. I played a lot of strategy games too, including the old city building games, before they got all simplified and crap. I loved playing games like Pharaoh, C&C, AoE Supereme Commander, and more.
Nowadays I don't do so much gaming. I spend a bit of time on League of Legends here and there but I don't even own a console any more!