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FW: Looking for North East based programmer/web developer


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This is a forwarded thread from Shell Livewire Forums... so don't kill me if you don't like the look of it :p

This might be a bit of a long shot, but I'm looking for a talented programmer/web developer who can do some high end stuff.

I'm starting a new technology company in Newcastle. I have a simple prototype of the product working (developed with the help of my local business support service) but I'm basically looking for someone who is interested in coming on board as the programmer (I'm doing the front-end stuff) in return for an equity stake.

The product itself is very exciting and has won three business awards for best new idea. I'm looking for someone who could possibly fill a CTO role and help me build a new web based business from the ground up.

I'm really only interested in anyone based in and around Newcastle upon Tyne as we will be working closely together... most likely in between the users day job (as I know we still have to earn a living in between getting this beast off the ground). I have investors ready to see a fully working product.

If you're interested or know anyone who could be, then please email me at emmalr@blueyonder.co.uk letting me know of your experience, portfolio and CV if you have one.
You will have to sign an NDA before I can disclose any further details.

Many thanks,


Actually from Tim. Sorta


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"The product itself is very exciting and has won three business awards for best new idea."

Yet you have to sign a NDA before you can find out what it is lol


odd that they are also using a blueyonder email address and not a company one :p