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Funniest videos on the net, got any to add?


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Are you sure that's Japanese, wasn't that an England game? :lol:

Same here buddy, the one on the plane was by far the funniest IMO.


Cheered me up any way. :D


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Pure amazing, when I logged on my first thought was err.... but man that is just WOW. I love it, def. going to be stopping round their more often. :D


LOL glad you approve LOL

I just got a bit confused...

Yahtzee is a very bitter but extremely funny man LOL


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lol yeah.....I mean I thought I talked crap, obviously out done by my new god, lol.

Pure amazing stuff IMO.

I was just about to hear his "thoughts", lol, on little big planet but after listening to Far Cry2 err......lol, pure genius. :)