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FTP software for Windows 8?

Anyone know of any FTP software that works on Windows 8 please?
I've tried CoffeeCup (wtf is that?), some weird name thing SDC or something and Ipswitch's new FTP Pro version which supposedly works on Win8 but kept crashing my PC..
So, anyone know of any FTP software that works on Windows 8 please?


Staff member
I would have though any windows 7 ftp would have worked.... filezilla would be the obvious option here, it supposedly works.... I'm assuming you mean the real win 8, not win 8rt
also not sure if this would work on win 8, I haven't actually got win 8 installed on anything (got the update, just not done anything with it...yet)


Senior Member
Levi's right, Filezilla works on Windows 8 and I use it everyday plus of the course the best part, the price.
Thanks fellas, I tried FileZilla but it's too funky for me; when I delete a folder it insists on showing me how it's deleting everything within that folder which kind of confuses me.
As for the Windows8 FTP thing, I need to FTP a lot of sites so that's not really an option.
I was using Ipswitch WS_FTP for years but it just crashes over and over on Win8 (Pro).

Tony Hardy

I used to use Smart FTP when I was on Windows, don't know if it still exists? But it was nice and simple, which is why I used to use it!

Use CyberDuck now that I'm on Mac, don't know if it's Windows compatible?