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ftp issues overwriting an existing site

How to get it so wrong!

You got to ask yourself, what a designer is doing trying to be a web designer, so I will apologise now, not only for being somewhat of an idiot, but also for probably posting in the wrong thread / forum / page. . . it's been a long day.

I'm a graphic designer, who in desperation has published a few websites. I use Adobe Muse with Business Catalyst . . . I know you're cringing right now. But until now this has been fine.

I put a website together for a local band, but they really wanted to continue using their existing host. There's a clue there, they already have a website. I thought, how hard can ftp be? Well it's not worked.

Breakdown of events:

Client doesn't like their website, they ask me to knock up a new one.

Client really likes my new website, gives me the ftp settings to overwrite their existing one. They give me Hostname, Username, Password.

I open Muse

I log into the ftp server . . . whoo hoo . . . nearly there!

Muse then asks me for Site URL, Folder.

. . . I'm not sure about the Folder, the client didn't provide one, so I contact FASTHOST, they tell me to leave it blank.

I click the go button, and , nothing, the original site is still there, except now it has my site attached to it: for instance if I go to the site's home page the original site is still visible, however if I type /index.html then you can my site.

Should the client delete the old site first, what on earth happened?

I picked the wrong day to give up wine .


Staff member
would be useful to have the site address for checking.

At a guess it could be as simple as you needing to clear your browser cache to show the new site on the homepage address.


Staff member
the original site looks to be using .htm rather than .html. Pretty sure if you delete the .htm versions the .html should take over, alternatively rename yours to .htm
thankyou. Would it be wise to advise the client, who has the full access to the cpanel to delete all the files.

They have just emailed me at my request, to upload to /htdocs.