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From the sky...

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by Skipper, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Skipper

    Skipper Junior Member

    Greetings, from the sky! The name is Skipper - Skipper the Penguin.

    I have to keep this short and sweet. The love of my life and I were married the other day, and we're on a partly-flying hunk of junk that those higher mammals designed for us. It's supposed to lead us to our honeymoon spot, but we're not really sure where that is - wherever the plane lands'll work. Except Africa. This excuse for a plane just left from there - and going back this soon ain't going to fly with me!

    My operations involve the usage of the World Wide Web - particularly server-side scripting, like PHP and ASP. Like any other web designer, I also know transitional/strict XHTML & CSS. Private and Rico, my black-and-white helpers, informed me long ago that JavaScript and other client-side scripting just wasn't for me. For that, I slapped them both until they were red like a newspaper. I knew they were right, but Skipper the Penguin doesn't miss an opportunity involving the slapping of his comrades.

    My thumbs are doing the typing work here - and by My thumbs, I mean the higher mammals' actual thumbs; just in case you were wondering.

    That hypnotic red light is flashing again, and looks like the left wing is out. Time for another immediate landing, boys.

    Over and out, newly met higher-mammals. I'm sure it will be a pleasure chatting with you all!


    ` Skipper
  2. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Excellent introduction post Skipper! :lol: Welcome to Design Forums
    So how are you finding the demands of featuring in a second Hollywood hit?!

    The penguins are the best characters by far in Madagascar, looking forward to seeing their antics in the second movie when it comes out on DVD.

    So are you more web designer or web developer? Or a bit of both?
    Thanks, Greg
  3. Skipper

    Skipper Junior Member

    Comrade Greg, what's a "hollywood"? It sounds hollow and easy to find, yet strong. Perhaps we should've made the plane out of that wood. We just keep crashing. Private doesn't understand the meaning of "kissing the ground", and we all have to suffer.

    Rico, take a mental note: Look for this "hollywood".

    Aha, but in seriousness, yeah - the penguins are the best part of the movie. ;D

    Anything that has to do with a website or webpage is usually what I'm hung to. I design layouts and develop scripts that fit into them. Alas, it's difficult to create layouts when you don't have the proper tools - namely, to create graphical designs for banners, backgrounds, and other little snips of images that create a dynamic website.

    But really, that's enough about me. How about yourself? By the looks of it, your the founder of the website here. I really like what you've done to the layout. ;D Very nice, smooth looks.

    Thanks for the warm welcome. =]


    ` Skipper
  4. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hey Skipper,

    Reading that reply I was wondering how long you could keep the penguin act going!! :D

    Cool, sounds like the full web design service then, the only reason I asked is as I know some web developers who work with design agencies taking their designs and visuals and transforming them into working websites. Where are you from? Guam looks very nice this time of year :)

    I am indeed the original founder of this site, pleased to hear/read you like the design and layout, it took many months of concepts, revisions and feedback. But pleased to say it's been more than worth the work and effort as the nice community we have is beginning to grow.

    Look forward to hearing more from you.
  5. Skipper

    Skipper Junior Member

    Yup, I've got everything - the looks and the gears behind it. ;D Naw, just kidding.

    Yeah, I'm currently in Guam right now. I'm quite pleased to hear that you've heard of the tiny little speck. xD Back to the subject at hand though, I agree - the weather is nice here, for someone who likes it hot outside. I don't particularly like the humidity and heat - however, I live here; and I better start getting used to it, eh? ;D

    Well, you should be more than proud with the site - which it sounds like you are. Bravo once more. =]

    I really should be going for now, though; It's 2 AM here, and what's a penguin without his beauty sleep? I'll tell you - as soon as I find out.

    I'll definately keep visiting often! This forum will obviously grow. =]

    My bobble-headed companion waves. Cheers,

    ` Skipper

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