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adam thomas

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hi all I'm looking for advice I want preferably an app that will work on an android tablet similar to the sketchpads that you get on phones etc just simple paint and draw even with your finger however drawings and doodles that I have done with those and then exported and tried to upload those to a print on demand website the website says that the image is too poor quality to resize to fit is there a way I can improve the quality of the image before uploading it to the website or do I need a more powerful program and if so any recommendations I just want to draw simply doodles on a tablet then email them to my iMac then upload them to print demand with a quality that will resize any help would be great many thanks.....Adam


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What are you using?

Most drawing app's have an option to set the resolution of an image.
POD sites will need it to be set fairly high.

adam thomas

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only been using the basic sketchpad that came on my old Sony Expedia which in itself tho very basic the drawing part of it is quite suitable I just don't think the resolution can be changed nor can I see a feature to export the images with a transparent background for printing use