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FRIDAY THE 13th!!!!


Active Member
The wheels came off at work today...no surprise I suppose!!!

Now I'm flicking thru the TV chanels and I'm watching on ITV7 or something ZOMBIE STRIPPERS!!! starring Robert 'Freddie Kruger" Eglund and porn star Jemma Jameson. My day has gone from bad to premature burial. I despair!!!!! Zombie Strippers, the actings so wooden it's sponsored by B&Q! I need to find another country!


Friday the 13th is a bit of a strange one .. Put everyone at work on edge.. and made the bus driver who took me to work go postal and punch a woman passenger in the face... it was a bad day...

But other than that gave my girlfriend a dozen roses and a box of chocolates :) so it was all good :) and today will be great :D


Senior Member
Was my mums birthday yesterday, so we had a chinese meal last night. I was half expecting a nail or poison in the food, but alas it all seems good as i'm still here today and no stomach pains as of yet!