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French Alps - Snowboarding & Snowkiting


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Love the last shot of the snowkite area, and that coach overtaking on the first post looks ridiculous!!
Good luck with tomorrow! :D
that looks ace dude, hope to go ski-ing some time soon..or snowboarding for that matter..I've never ever been and have always wanted to try it out. Nice pictures man and good luck!


Senior Member
Need to update site but so far going really well, made it through heats and now in single eliminations will come lowest of 9th!

Its not looking likely that they will run the doubles so that would be my lowest ranking so really really stoked with that as a result!


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How did it go in the end Craig? Saw a couple of your Facebook updates along the way, sounds like you did better than what you was predicting yourself??


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Yeh ended up better than expected! Due to previous results i was seeded quite well in event and even though didn't win a heat i came joint 9th overall!

Am just in middle of uploading video now which has some footage, not alot but also has some of my bails haha!
Looks like awesome fun mate! Heard you did well too so well done on that! I seriously need to get out and do some snowboarding or something looks ace!


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Hey mate - having some issues with that player - loading really slowly and wont go fullscreen.

Any chance of a youtube/vimeo source?