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Freelance promotion


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A leaflet seems kind of spammy... I'd probably trash it if I got one in my hands. Sure, if you send out a thousand you're bound to get a response.

Try sending out something tangible to really catch someone's eye. Check out Neil's self-promotion from a few years back. Send out a dozen of those and you'll leave a memorable impression. Hell, I didn't even get one of the cans and I still remember it 2 years after seeing it!

It doesn't have to be that far-fetched though. Have a go at making a pop-out card that features your work (I'm sure you can do something with that volkswagen there) ;)


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halfbuiltrobot said:
Using a bean can is Genius, plus considering how cheep you can pick a can up for these days.
Problem for me is I have been given a list of direct contacts to approach......mailing out 100 cans of beans might just get the bomb squad dragging me out of bed at 6am.
lol, the delivery would kill you, best pop'em round by hand!