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Freelance Front-End Developer's Daily Rate

Hello everyone.

I've been offered a two weeks contract at the digital agency to do some front-end development, HTML and CSS mostly. I'm srtuggling to find a right price (daily rate) for it. I usually charge per hour or per project.

Does anyone have an advise? I'd really appreciate it.



Why don't you think back to previous projects, divide the pay by the approximate number of hours worked which will give you your hourly rate for that project, average it out over as many projects as you can think of and that will give you a decent indication of how much you usually work for on an hourly basis.

Another option is to calculate all of your expenses and how much you would like to make on top of that per year then work backwards through months, weeks etc to find the hourly rate you need to work at. You could do both just to see if there is much of a difference between the two figures!
Sorry squiddy thats a bit much effort.

Just decide how much you would be happy with..... there!

You aren't going to work for anything less than £____ amount.... so decide what you would be happy making each day, not too high not too low. I do £200 a day. But also depends on the size of the company, so weigh that up too. I'm sure if you are good enough you will end up compromising if you go in too high. So not all is bad!
It's even simpler.

£150-£200 depending on your skills outside London.
£300-£400 depending on your skills inside London.

I'm actually thinking about using my relative closeness to London and start getting contracts there. The Mon-Fri living and travel expenses get covered by this difference in wages.