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FreeAgent Central Review


Active Member
Hi everyone,

I've recently switched over to FreeAgent and have been very impressed with the UI and the features available, I'd previously been using local software, QuickBooks Simple Start, but various limitations had become frustrating.

Free Agent has allowed me to create and run recurring automated invoices, ideal for hosting/domain name purchase for clients. I just have to setup a recurring profile with all the details and dates, and it does the rest, including generating the PDF invoice and e-mailing it to my client at 9:00am on the selected date.

I've also been able to customise the PDF invoice layout/design with some CSS tweaks so am now really pleased wth what I'm sending, previous invoices looked a bit un-professional - never good when asking for a deposit on a new project!!

Haven't had chance to test it yet, but it lets you upload your latest business account bank statement and makes suggestions of matched up payments to invoices, which sounds great as bookkeeping is my weak link!!

Just thought I'd post this up for anyone looking at accounts software at the moment. For sole traders the cost is £15/month +VAT, but given the time saving I'll make with recurring invoices, doing my books, and the general stress when it comes to self assessment time, I think it's definitely money well spent!

If you're interested in signing up, click my link in this post & you'll get 10% off, and so will I, win, win :)



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I've spent countless hours scouring the web for the best online accounts system, but I never find anything that could tempt me away from FreeAgent. There are some features I think they need to add in, such as clients being able to approve quotes online, and the ability to archive estimates/invoices, but all in all I would definately agree with you an recommend FreeAgent.


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Thanks for your reply Tony, likewise I'd tried a few online trials, there's still a few things that could be improved for me too, with taking deposit payments on one invoice, but all-in-all have completely been sold on FreeAgent, has saved me a lot of time/hassles already :)