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Free tool to find any unpatched program on your comptuer


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Hay peeps right I came across this a few years back, and it is brilliant, so I am cleaning up my PC this mourning and while I have some time to kill i thought I would share.

It scans your computer and makes sure every version of every program you are running is up-to-date, if it isn't it even gives you a download to that products latest version, this stops hackers getting into your system.

It's free to use for personal use and I guarantee it will pick up 1 if not 8 out of date programs on it's first run. It then alerts you to any updates the second they become available.

Download - Personal (PSI) - Vulnerability Scanning - Secunia.com

I'm pretty sure it even brings up server updates as well, which is a must if you run your own server can save you a lot of money.