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Free stock images

Hello all!

I'm looking for a site that can offer good free orrrr cheap images? I have tried SXC.hu but not got anything that I'm looking for...

To give you a little help I'm looking for a great spring type image like this on of lambs or one like this couple

Thanks for your help!
Yeah I know there cheap, If I was freelance working for a client I wouldn't think twice but I work in the public sector and were having budget cuts all the time so its hard to get them so sign off for images .... so annoying!!


Staff member
have you considered trying a google search and setting it to look for royalty free type images?

You need to do an advanced search


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You could also try Flickr with a Creative Commons (advanced search) you can set it to find images that are available for commercial use, some photographers will require a credit/mention in return for the use, but I've found some great photos this way in the past - great for blog posts, etc.