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Free scanner

Not sure this is the right forum for this, but I have a used but working Epson 2400 Perfection Scanner I don't need. I was going to sell it on ebay but it's hardly worth the ball-ache of filling in all the forms and taking photos of it for £10 or £15. So I thought someone here might have use for a scanner.

As I said, it's used but in perfect working order, comes with its power supply but you'll need your own USB lead, and driver software is available from the Epson website. It's totally free, but if you can't pick it up yourself (from London NW10) then I'm happy to post it providing you pay for that.



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That's a very generous offer Matt :)
If I didn't already have a scanner I'd be 'biting your hand off' as Epson scanners seem to be pretty good.
Thats a great offer Matt!!
Greg kindly pointed us to this post. Thanks....

They are great scanners and I am sure someone will be along to snatch it from you :)

We are actually looking at the Epsom 4490.