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Free Design Space

Dear all...long message - apologies....but might be worth the read.

As an avid creative for longer than I care - or can actually remember!
I wondered if the below of interest to you....

Fed up with the current financial climate as it looks set to get tougher I want to offer via my
company free desk-space across the UK to young, start-up, innovative designers/
design teams / creatives. See what we do at Service Point - Welcome.

This is totally free space for up to 3 people per business location - min 2 people - I operate
to include places like:

Covent Garden
Clerkenwell / City

and many places inbetween.

My company - Service Point produce visual media print / documents / presentations for many organisations (many being retail / architects / design-2-build) and we’d like to close the loop - rightly - by offering end-to-end visual media & design services to embrace / support all disciplines.

- This is a free space for min of 12 months guaranteed
- You get to use our premises, meeting zones, facilities for any clients you serve already with no expectations of any business for Service Point
- You also get access to 30,000 of our existing clients - any work you do you bill direct with not a penny coming back to Service Point.

We are very much of the belief that as design / social media activity / creativity / architecture is central to pretty much everything that great design and communication is in reality the key to the UK leading the way across many sectors. As such we want each locality / region we operate in to be a hub for enabling designers / creatives to flourish.

We want to ‘stir’ stagnant markets. We want to support those who need help the most into comfort zones to do what they do best
without the worry of the high costs of utilities / rents or reliance on banks etc etc.

We want to fill the free space as soon as possible and clearly see this forum as a perfect vehicle to get the message across.

I would appreciate the opportunity to see your work in a pdf portfolio - find out more about you etc etc if you want send to: marketing@servicepointuk.com

Look forward to hearing from you.


Senior Member
hey mike,

how is this financially viable for you? is there a catch, or a long term contract?

free 12 month workspace in covent garden is a bit too amazing to believe!



Staff member
Hi Mike

Tim, I'm going to guess the location is above one of their 'printers' but it does seem a little too good to be true.

Edit: Shame the locations are a bit too far away as I'd say my 3d work could fit in nicely with the architecture side of your business....