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Frankie Boyle "disgraced" opinions?



I've always loved Frankie Boyle and his humour and he's always had people hate him for the same reasons. Some people like to throw around the right to free speech in his defence and other like to brandish the social responsibility (simply that you shouldn't abuse free speech to cause offence) card to use against him.
I don't care for either argument and don't wish to participate in such a futile argument, because it bypasses the real cause of this issue. Sense of humour.
I don't mean to say that some people simply don't have it and that others do, or that their sense of humour is better in any way, but simply that different people have a different sense of humour. Some people find silly videos to be funny (see youtube) whereas personally I find them mildly amusing at best, certainly not something I would consider to be comedy. I don't condemn or chastise these people for finding an entire series of cat photos with someone using their fingers to swear at them in the foreground (yes, this is a real example) absolutely hilarious. Each to their own, especially if it makes someone laugh.
The one line I do draw is if comedy is gained from the suffering of another. For example animal cruelty for the sake of humour is something that I will never agree with, and participating in such a humour is a sure fire way to lose my respect, instantaneously. The same goes for any other humour that relies on someone or something else suffering for the sake of the joke, but this is a topic for another day.
Some people understand that morbid comedy is about generating a funny situation from something negative, and not to simply sling accusations around or claim that some people are worthless for example.
How does everyone else feel about this subject?


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you have varying degrees of 'humor' and in my view making fun out of 'someone they wish were dead' is just one of the lowest things you can joke about, it's also pretty lazy when you think about it. . Mind you I've never really found frankie boyle that funny (waits for the top button comments....), I prefer the likes of eddie izzard, jack dee, john bishop, lee evans and suprisingly alan carr (yeah I don't know why either lol).
You've also got to look at how 'old' comedy used to be compared with most of the new stuff we get, you had innuendo or suggested humour rather than humour which you could argue is force fed to you so you know when it's funny, not saying it's all like this but a lot of the 'funny' programs have a 'laugh' button to tell you something is funny...
Perfect examples - old series, fresh prince of bel air or are you being served (john inman was funniest for me) both filmed in front of live audiences and people lauged because it was funny, a newer series like friends or 2 broke girls has the laugh button because a lot of the jokes aren't that funny, and I like the 2 broke girls series
Another thing to consider... pretty sure the idea of saying in public 'I wish royal person x n was dead' could be arguably be seen as high treason which would result in life imprisonment. I doubt it would go this far but it's worth thinking about

Tom Sound

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I'm more disgusted by you reading the daily mail! :D
Frankie Boyle a disgrace = predictable. Mission accomplished by Frankie Boyle OBE, he excels at his job!

p.s. I read that on the Daily mail website earlier too, yes I'm also disgusted with myself...


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I didn't even realise he 'read' the daily mail, just thought he linked to it.... seriously why are you not reading a quality newspaper like the daily star or the sun :)

Tony Hardy

I like Frankie Boyle. I like his distasteful and bleak comedy. And I don't really mind his "outrageous" stuff. Refreshing in a sea of all the PC comedians that are just family friendly and a little bit 12A. Jason Manford, Jack Whitehall, Michael McIntryre...etc.
At the end of the day, nobody is forcing anybody to listen or watch his act. Don't listen, turn over, tune out, whatever.


Haha, I was on facebook and saw the news story posted by someone else. I don't really read any newspapers or sources other than BBC News on the odd occasion.

Levi said:
you have varying degrees of 'humor' and in my view making fun out of 'someone they wish were dead' is just one of the lowest things you can joke about, it's also pretty lazy when you think about it.
I don't really think it's about varying degrees, I think there are just different types of humour. Simplistic, morbid, situational etc they can all be funny to different people. It seems like a good parallel to draw, that literally anything can be said about a politician - not all of whom are immoral - and yet different standards are applied to jokes about different types of people, i.e. handicapped people or old people.
As for the Queen, I think it's ridiculous to say that we need to start thinking of accusing him of high treason. The fact that you made this comment would very much imply that you don't understand the concept of this humour! He has no intention of harming the queen in any way shape or form. It's simply piggy-backing a public thought with swear words and morbidity to make it more provocative. The fact is that if the Queen died tomorrow, a sufficiently large percentage of people in this country simply wouldn't care.


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Actually I said the bit about the treason because it would have likely been deemed that way before the 'acceptance' of saying negative things about the royal family became common place.
Like I said I doubt anything would happen in this regards as to put it simply it has become the accepted norm to say this type of thing without consequence and not just about the royal family.
Also to the amount of people who wouldn't care about the queen, I think people will be suprised by how many people do care in an increasingly less royalist society, I'm not saying I'd join in any funeral bits or anything because I'm not that interested in them but I do support the idea of a royal family in this country.... maybe it's because I'm near one of their estates and see first hand what they actually bring/do....
I like close to the bone humour, so I never really understand the fuss when these people say something a bit OTT - it's all done for shock value anyway.
To echo what was said above - if people are easily offended they shouldn't listen to/watch these people.
I think with Boyle, you get the kind of jokes found very much in people's private lives - we've all heard 'sick' jokes almost minutes after a celebrity or someone high profiles dies.
I think the crux of the matter is that some people just don't understand that it's a Joke. It's not meant to be a serious comment on anything. It's all about context, and in a sense i think people, myself included, see the humour in hearing someone in a very public area say these crass and totally inappropriate things. It's the same as the cringe-worthy Alan Partridge, albeit a little toned down.
You don't find the things Partridge says as offensive, because you know he's an idiot - you're laughing at the fact someone actually thinks and says these things, rather than the thing itself.
Having said that, i think the whole Rebecca Adlington thing was cruel. She hasn't put herself in a situation to attract that kind of attention, say, like Katie Price has... but then again, her son is pretty innocent as well. When you single people out like that it's very personal, rather than offending vast sections of society (weirdly) they're generally faceless.
So I think there's a fine line, and Boyle pushes it as far as anyone I've heard really, so he is always going to be decisive.