Forum Upgrade

Stationery Direct

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Just to let you know we are moving over to the Xenforo forum platform this week, hopefully all will go smooth but if you visit and nothing is working it hasn't!! :icon_confused:

Xenforo seems to be a much better platform than vBulletin nowadays who to be honest have lost their way, not to mention ripping me and others off with the purchase of vB5 which isn't even fit for purpose!!

Xenforo is mobile ready so those of you on tablets and phones should see a huge improvement. For now we are going to keep the standard skin that the forum comes with, once all is working then we will look to make it a little more easy on the eye.

We are going to attempt to pull in 100k posts from another forum that I own that we are closing, although no idea if that will work yet.

Watch this space (and wish me luck)


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that 2 step verification is a pita by the way, it's too slow sending emails out... any way we can opt out?