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Forgot to introduce myself!


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Hi everyone,

As you probably know I'm Greg, a freelance graphic/web designer from sunny Margate in Kent. I setup Design Forums with the aim of creating a friendly community for designers and web developers to hang out, it's going to be free to use, advert free, and focused on interesting discussions (I hope!)

Hope everyone enjoys it, and feel free to invite your design contacts along!
Thanks, Greg


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Tell us a bit more about yourself, Greg. What kind of design work do you and how long have you been doing it for? What's your favourite thing to work on? Any claims to fame?


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Ah-ha! how the tables have been turned :D

Well my route into freelance started off by going to Loughborough Uni to study Product Design, unfortunately the course I chose had a bit too much mathematics and science for my liking, so I left after just a few months. Following that I returned home and just worked locally at Tesco, etc!

Then I got a job at a local signmakers working as a sign designer running the vinyl machines and working with vector graphics. It was in this job working with the vinyl cutting software that I first learned about vector logos and creating paths (to cut the vinyls). Whilst there I started to learn about web design as my employer was after a website. I then paid my girlfriends brother to give me a few private lessons on web design as he works for a local digital media company, this kick started my self learning HTML & CSS to create basic sites.

After a year at the signmakers I decided to try Uni again, and went onto a new course called Graphic Media, which was a mix of graphics, illustration and a bit of web design, over at University College of Creative Arts in Maidstone (Kent). Built up my portfolio through my time at Uni taking on a few freelance projects and a few free projects for businesses on various forums. By my final year at Uni I was taking on freelance projects, and working on freelance and Uni work side-by-side, finding that my freelance work helped my Uni work, and vice-versa.

Finished at Uni in June 07, and literally started as a graphic/web designer for a local agency the day after I finished at Uni, worked with them until Feb 08 and then decided to return to freelancing and give it a go on a full-time basis. Been working as a freelancer since on client projects and personal projects, like this very site :)

My favourite thing to work on is front end web designs and logos & branding, I really enjoy the development of logo concepts and finding the best solution, and then the development to create a brand and branding style. No real claims to fame, I think my best is getting a client site featured in the readers' sites section of .Net magazine! :D

Sorry for going on a bit there!!
Thanks, Greg


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Greetings, Comrade Greg!

I've read your short little biography and introduction just in time - Rico has folded today's messages into paper airplanes. I couldn't say mad at him, he's cute. And cuddly. Or so Private says.

But anyhoo, that's interesting! Sounds like you lead an eventful life of fun.

I like the aim your going for, by the way, with the whole "no ads" bit. =]

"Welcome" to the forums, Greg. The boys wave.

` Skipper