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Footy Banter Thread


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alynthomashodgson said:
That's a great idea!

Looks a lot better that version too!

What logo would you like to re-do? I can't stand the badge of my beloved team - Rotherham United...

lol - i think the logo is the least of your worries:p:p


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No worries Tom, happens to the best of us!
Now I've created a new thread, so please feel free to continue your football banter! :lol:


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Hey Tom, well as it's less about the team brands and logos and more about the banter I think it's best in Off-Topic! If you wanted to create a new thread about football team logos/branding please feel free then we can decide what to do with this thread :)

Well I am a pretty huge liverpool fan, always have been, been brought up as a scouser, and for once we have something to smile about, except Spurs on the weekend, but we shall forget about that one... :D


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OK this is now the footy banter thread! :)
And yes feel free to create a new thread regarding football team branding!
Cheers, Greg



Not football talk. This is a design forum not the pub!

I hate football. There I said it.


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Lee, you've gone and done it now!
Got to admit I'm not a huge football fan, but happy to have an off-topic thread for the football fans ;)
I'm a huge Leeds United fan (don't worry - we'll be back in the Premier someday).

There has a been a massive progression on the logos they've had in the past and seem to improve it each time, I look forward to seeing whats to come in the future...


Wayne, where in the South West are you? And why Leeds?! ;)

Surely it's the best in the west (ie. Plymouth Argyle) you should be supporting! ;)
Well, I do support Yeovil (my home town) but my main team is Leeds, can't remember why but I've always supported them.

Probably because they were such an awesome team back in the day, Eric Cantona especially!