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Food for thought! - HIV Explosion?


Active Member
With the start of the World Cup in SA nearly upon us, and having just read the following website The Truth Isn't Sexy | Human Trafficking in Southern Africa (which i must admit is very informative)

I do wonder if the world will see an explosion of HIV in the next five year or so, If the figures are correct, and the World Cup is going to be as popular attraction for tourists as ever it does beg the question above, especially when the drink starts flowing.

Any one else worry about these sorts of things or is it just me? :)


Senior Member
I don't think that we can trust figures. For instance, according to figures, the countries must be empty ! There is Aids, but also there are malaria, flu, cancer, heart attack, other diseases, road accidents, old age, suicides, famine, murder, wives battered to death, etc etc and figures are so high for all these cases that everybody must be dead actually.

And about human trafficking, I'm really shocked when I see documentaries about this topic, I wonder "They can shot many documentaries and they say that we can't do anything against it ?". If governments really wanted to help these people, they could do it.