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Food and Confectionary logo design


I have started a small home based food delivery, we are planning to have a home delivery but little concerned about the marketing. I believe that creative and decorative packaging, logo designs are the key to the success of the product. What do you people think? Would like to get designs and logos for our shop “Your sweet Choice”. Which type of packing and designing will be more attractive to the customer? We are doing packaging using polypropylene packaging materials, is it possible to do logo designs on it? What about the cost? What are the current trends in logo designs? What type of designs are used for foods & confectionary?


Staff member
While you can 'print' on polypropylene most smaller companies seem to just slide a clear (think overhead projector) or full printed sheet in front of the product during packaging. Seeing as you're a small home based company I'd maybe look at the idea of having some designs printed to fit inside the packaging as it's likely more cost efficient if you use the same packaging over multiple products.

As to the rest of the questions, that's really where you need an employed designer to help you as there are rules etc that often need to be followed with food based products, ie listing ingredients, allergens etc