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Flyer design - hit a brick wall

Hey :)

Recently been 'hired' to make a little flyer for a small business advertising their services.

Im working with the fresh summery feel rather than the usual (google search: garden maintenance ads)

but i seriously struggle with this sort of thing. I'm so minimal its unreal "/ anyways.. any help would be appreciated.



Hey, nice work :)

The main problem that I have is that too much emphasis is placed on the bottom grass area, even though it should be much lower on the priority list. The white text just blends in with sky and clouds because of the lack of contrast, especially in comparison to the green grass and bright flowers.

If you can fix that, I reckon you'll be most of the way to a functional flyer that also looks great. The only other minor thing would be the grass, the dots aren't quite doing it for me. Perhaps also add some more detail to the bottom grass by having larger blades instead of just a flat colour.


Staff member
little flyer as in stick it through the letterbox? If it is I'd maybe have some concerns over cost of printing.

Having said that I'm probably more concerned over the clarity of the white text on the blue. It's quite a pale blue which could make it hard to read the white depending on the printing process.

Also not sure if it has that 'stand out' feeling that makes you want to read it...
Thanks! :)

yeah I'm not feeling the white text too much at all but then I'm concerned about making the background sky blue darker.. i'll give it a go though.

i did try a dark grey text but that didn't look to pleasant at all x
thanks for the advice x


It looks much better now that you have removed the grass effect and changed the colour of the sky.

Considering it's a general maintenance design, why did you decide not to put any kind of buildings in there? I'm guessing it was probably a space issue, but the design actually makes me think of a public garden, park or out-door type area.

I'm not too keen on the bird, it is too distracting when trying to read the main information of the flyer; the actual company's name. If you're going to keep it in I would make it a lot smaller.

Good work anyway, hope we've helped :)
Thanks a bunch!

The maintenance the client focuses on is garden and outdoor work. I was going to try and stick a little house in there but i didn;t want too much going on.

I'll 100% mess around with the bird to see what looks better

Thanks! x