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flippin' heck


Senior Member
i've actually managed to forget what a good website looks like. i really REALLY don't know how, but I'm just lost as to where to start with a design now!

Ahh.. i'm meltiinnngg...


Senior Member
just keep going - things dont happen first time everytime, you'll soon end up with something your happy with.


Senior Member
it's not anything particular, just looked at my notes on a different project, and thought, what? How do i.. what? ... errr...

lol - it was quite embarrassing, which is obviously why i posted it on DF, with 300+ members... lol


Senior Member
lol !

gotta say though, your rivals are thrashing you online-wise! the most members ever online at once was...148.

we are beating them by 70 members though :D


Active Member
If it's who I think you're referring to, don't forget that stat includes all search bots, so as they've been around longer as a forum it will naturally be a higher number for that reason :)

And there's always going to be a bigger forum, hopefully DF represents quality over quantity, in the majority of threads and discussions at least!