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Flip UltraHD


Senior Member
i got one in the US :D

1080p video recording!

anyone got any opinions, quick tips or anything on them?

i know they're fairly simple, just pretty cool that with iMovie's stablization effects and the 1080p recording there's a pretty good result :)


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My opinion is that I want one :)

I tried a cheaper alternative with a Kodak immitation, wasn't impressed so returned it, said that if I get another camera it will be a Flip UltraHD (was going to do little videos of unpackaging DVD box sets for my site of the same name).

Let us know how you find it Tim, have seen a lot of very positive reviews about them :)


Senior Member
yeah so far it's brilliant. got about 2hrs of clips from san francisco and the outcome was brilliant. the auto focus is so fast as well, so if i'm panning there's no delay of out-of-focus shots.

cost me £142 in america- pretty chuffed.

oh and greg firebox.com are doing a £20 rebate on it right now.

it's £159.99 but you apply for rebate if you buy it before 28th and get it essentially for £139.99


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Cool cheers Tim, yeah that was the big issue with the Kodak, the auto focus was really slow, and anything within a foot with detail it couldn't really capture.

Is this the same model Tim? £129.33 atm on Amazon.


Staff member
Greg it most likely is that one as there isn't a 1080i/p HD model by the look so of it, they only do 720 HD according to the Flip site. Might want to wait till Tim replies though.

You can get the 20 quid back via amazon too so thats only £110 in the end :)

Having said that if they are only 720p I'd probably pick up the sanyo xacti for £100 myself.


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it's 1080p... that's what the box says at least haha

and £129 sounds great greg, i struggled to find it for like that £140.

Tom Sound

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tim said:
i stand corrected i must have wiped passed that :(

720p - i swear i heard 1080p somewhere!? oh well.

It's not going to make that much difference really, it's not like it's for serious movie making and it'll be a more manageable file size for editing, there's a Kodak one at 1080 that's had really good reviews, the kodak something something 8 it's called.

The flip HD is a great piece of kit though :up:


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shut up tom :p

yeah 720p is still pretty sweet.

looking back at my videos on Quicktime as well they are pretty sweet


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Haha, quite funny that Tim seemed annoyed it was 1080p while knowing that the quality of the vids was at least how he wanted them! :D


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well i cant change it now can i, and i guess if it looks good enough i dont care- tech specs arent important, only the outcome, remember ;)