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Flexifoil - Usability


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I know the site is not coded to W3C standards, so please do not go off on one, next site update will be coded much better, was just a huge project on a very very very tight schedule!

To explain what we tried to achieve with current site, the company sells kites, there are 3 types of sports and in which there are several regions.

When you come to the current homepage you have to make 2 choices, sport & region.

Each region has different news & retailer info, this is all done by URL not cookies, for 2 reasons 1)So people can link to other region news articles and see info without needing to re-choose 2)People with cookies can still view site, sadly some of our visitors still have this, could be mobile devices etc...

The plan now, is when you come to homepage you will be taken to region by looking at IP, so if in uk taken to flexifoil.com/uk/ if europe /eu/ so as such can still be linked but requires one less choice from user.

Also to get to products it takes 5 choices atm to get there so plan is product page will list all products then ask for break down of sites on new site.

New site will have option on homepage to choose sport, this will then effect adds and be held by cookie not URL. This will diff the product pages & adverts.

Also if you are a UK person and try to view the EU site, say linked, or found via search engine it will ask if you want to stay on the EU website or transfer to the UK site etc....

This is to try and make it much easier for people to

1)See main Homepage
2)See the adverts
3)view latest news
4)Less clicks
5)Less confusing for people who just want to find out about products

The rest of the site is going to run under similar structure, so would like to ask for some feedback on usability.

Please do be critical, more on front end rather than coding structure lol!

Main Splash Page - Flexifoil Kites, Power Kites, Traction Kites, Kitesurfing Kites - Leading Manufacturer Kites, Kite Landboard, Kite Buggy
Homepage - Flexifoil Power Kites, Kitesurfing Kites - Leading Manufacturer of Power Kites, Traction Kites, Kite Buggy




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Hi Dude!

No its not, this site went live in June of last year, but we are now working on sitemap for new site so designer can start mocking up designs ready for me to code & develop.

IE8 is a different site separate to Flexifoil.


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first link
easy enough to navigate and fairly self explanatory to me. I do have a little reservation about the black/dark grey text on the red bars when highlighting a section

second link
generally easy to follow but I'd make the links to news, catalogues, team (and faces) and retailers have a rollover or something to highlight they're links. They're just not consistent with the rest of the site as they all have some sort of rollover effect


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Your navigation and half your content disappears when the images are gone. I've been taught that your site needs to be navigable when the images are disabled, and it should be clearly readable (with a clear hierarchy) when the CSS is disabled. The latter will usually mean that also screen readers can read the site properly.

And I know you don't want to hear this but you have a very serious case of divitis :p