Flat Object ---> 3D Box in PS or Ai CS3 how please?


Getting there slowly with this. tried the photoshop method and seemed to work, but had to guess on the angles. On CS3 it doesn't seem to tell you the angle. Anyway I cropped the .jpg file down in photoshop, then opened them up in Ai and created objects from them all, then followed the steps someone posted. Seems to work, only for some reason it makes me rotate the sides by 90 degrees...

Also, I'm having trouble guessing how much to extrude. The sides of the jpgs are 1181 px, however when I set it to 1181 pt on the window it creates a box roughly 4 times too long. I thought maybe because it converted from 300dpi to 75dpi or something so I divided by four and it all seems to work, only the sides and top leave a small but noticeable margin.

Also, it doesn't allow me to rotate it round with mouse, or I can see how to do that when it has been created.