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Flash guru needed


Senior Member
Hi All,

Im looking for someone with some good flash skills who can do me a flash based trumps. No design required just a wireframe version.

Anyone interested pm me and Ill send over more details (though thats pretty much it tbh)

cheers all


Senior Member
to be honest I have no idea - Im not expecting it free, put it that way.

I dont know how big a job it is so dont want to insult anyone with an unrealistic budget! :)


Active Member
:) unrealistic to you may not be unrealistic to me and visa versa :)
Im sure chris will sort you out, hes got contacts :)

edit - Actual fact Mike, i know someone who can do flash back to front and inside out with thier left pinkie, please pm me the details and ill see if he fancies it.


ok from what I can find the process will be to create all the elements in the flash document (all the cards) then put them into a random array in Actionscript.

The code looks like this:

myArray = new Array(["id of card1", "name of card1", "value of card1"],["id of card2"...)
Then you'd refer to it in the flash file like so:

card1ID= myArray[0][0]
So my best guess is that you would need to design the animated cards or how you want them animated then get the flash coder to use the array to randomly call the card into play :)