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Flash & Dreamweaver Tutorials?


I was wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction for some Flash & Dreamweaver tutorials which will help me start getting to grips with the packages?
For Dreamweaver and Flash I would reccommend swallowing a for Dummies book if you can as they can complex enough that small tutorials dont cover it.

If you also looking into coding in Dreamweaver gain some background knowledge of the coding first - assuming you haven't.

Or failing all else use the Adobe Help Manuals - they are pretty indepth enough to help you in most matters for a starting point (just press F1 in any of your adobe programs.)


for flash: gotoandlearn and for dreamweaver go to kirupa (search for both of them on Google :D)


Senior Member
Harry said:
Don't learn Dreamweaver, learn HTML…
2 months ago I would have agreed with this statement, but now I disagree.
Learning to use a program such as dreamweaver is nothing like learning HTML.

If you need to learn how to code a website, don't assume dreamweaver can do it for you, or that learning to use dreamweaver will allow you to code websites.

If you know how to code websites, learning to use dreamweaver is an extra 'tool' in your repertoire.

I use it regularly at work now, FTP, syncing, templates, library items, checking in & out, good explorer options, find and replace.... None of which are anything to do with my ability (or lack of, if the case may be) of coding :)