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Flash Designer wanted for 'Music' Project


New Member

I'm looking for a Flash Designer, someone who is very confident in Action script 1.0/2.0 & 3.0 and has maybe worked on similar themed project/s?

Ideally I would need see 1/2 examples of previous works' if possible.

About the job:

I've been approached to design a 'Micro-site' for a band it is a very simple site, with 4 pages. The design has been pre-built and I've put the site together in Flash with various effects, rollovers, etc.

I require someone who can implement a 'graphic equalizer' into the flash it is basically a music player that will play the bands tracks, with a scrolling 'text' effect showing the track-name at the bottom of the page.

This 'player' will need to be able to externally link to the mp3 files and the ‘equalizer’ itself doesn’t need to work to the music beats; I just need a generic effect equalizer, that bops up & down while the track is being played with stop, play and back + forward buttons to control the tracks.

I have a sample link of what is required please email me if you feel you can do job/ There are a couple of stipulations to the work though, I just need someone to implement this music player & configure a page that plays the ‘tracks’ in the same player.

I have a very tight dead-line for this the work needs to be done ASAP, and it must be done & ready by no later than Tues 30th July.

With regards to payment depends on skills + experience and if you can confidently hit the absolute deadline of Tues 30th July.

Please email for more info.



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Hi Dekock, welcome to the forum.

Should be a number of people on here who could help you out...but I would suggest ( and I keep saying this to everyone who posts tenders and jobs) if you don;t want to waste your time and everyone elses - post a budget and a the link and then no body will go round the houses.

There has to be a realistic budget, it can't be be dependent on skill + experience, as this has to be done by someone who can do it, not try to do it. If you want the right person, then post the right price and you will get him fast. Otherwise in weeks time you will be no further forward. Good luck