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five second test website


Senior Member
anyone visited it or put forward a site to get critiqued?

for those of you who don't know what it is, you put together a screenshot of the site and upload it to your user (easy to register BTW), and then when users click "critique" on their site, or whatever the link is, they get five seconds to look at a site before being asked a number of questions, such as:

  • One like & one dislike
  • 5 things that struck you immediately
  • Two different previews (2.5 seconds each preview, pick your favourite).
Really is great, and I'm getting constant feedback off it, telling me small things to improve upon on first glance.

Here's my link...

five second test - A simple online usability test

Really recommend it :D


Senior Member
It's all good, glad you like it. The more you do other's tests the more the site shows your test to others.. it's well good.
from my experience:
5 sec takes normal user to say it is good
10 sec takes other designer to say it is good
1 day takes your boss to say he needs something diffrent ;)

but my opinion: I like colors very much and header style: it's so bloggy (from blog :p )


Senior Member
haha good analogy...

i gotta say tho.. i've had lots of good constructive criticism on first impressions of my site. Statistics say it takes 2 seconds or something for a user to decide if they like something; if they don't, they go.