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Fitness question


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Right I've been looking for the answer to this for a while now, well at least wondering about it, and it occurred to me that some members on here are either still, or were, fitness freaks.

So I was wondering how long does it take roughly for my blood sugar to return to normal levels and my body to stop producing insulin?

About a month ago I switched to a low carb, high protein, high fat way of living, I've finally got over that plateau and have lost about half a stone in 4 weeks, which is nice.

Now personally I reckon there might be a few variables to take into account,
~ So as my carb level, 99.8% of the time, is below 40g a day I reckon my insulin receptors are now back to being insulin sensitive,

~ At my last health check my blood pressure was 114/64,

~ I do roughly 1 hour workout in the mourning, 7 mile runs 4 times a week, resistance swimming once a week, basically breast stroke for an hour but without using my legs just my upper body, down the gym for 5 hours a week, just all upper body, and then cycling 105miles a month as well.

So I reckon that that will have an impact as well.

But if I had say a medium size jacket potato which would give my body roughly 50g of sugar, or 1/4 of a cup of sugar, how long would it take for my insulin levels to drop after wards?

Any ideas as I cant find a rough estimate anywhere?

Jaz :)


thats similar to the work out I used to do when I played Rugby in New Zealand... punishment like hell .. really was.. not something to do long term, as it never lets your muscles relax which they need.. but thats just from my experience :)


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I was running 6 days a week but for that reason I've dropped to Monday to Friday and have Saturday and Sunday off so my muscles can recover, but it's mad I just cant stop, but I suppose it's better than being addicted to crack hay. :D

The thing is I cant find any info on it, and the reason I want to know is because if I have more than 40-50g of carbohydrate a day my body will release insulin, now long term this has major issues, heart disease, reduced sex drive due to the fact that insulin turns more of my cholesterol into oestrogen rather than testosterone, diabetes due to the fact that my body is releasing insulin and a lot of it daily, obesity, as in insulin will store sugar (carbohydrate's) as triglyceride's in my fat cells, and also stop it from being released and it has been linked to colon cancer and some others as well as other long term problems.

But it occurred to me that if I had that jacket potato, which my body will convert to roughly 50grams of sugar(glucose) that my body will release insulin which in turn will store the rest of my meal, minus the nutrients, as triglyceride's in my fat cells.

But when is it safe for me to consume food again without it being stored as triglyceride's in my fat cells?

Because for example if my blood sugar levels, and thus my insulin levels, stay high for say 4 hours afterwards that means that my body will still be converting foods to "fat" (triglyceride's) and storing it for 4 hours after wards.

If my insulin levels return to normal my body therefore doesn't store the "fat", triglyceride's in my fat cells, but instead just lets it pass through my body.

As you can tell I'm the life of the party at the mo, in fact 1 of my friends actual said to me the other day that if I lecture her 1 more time on her eating habits she will get my latest book and shove it.....yeah well you can fill in the rest. :cry:

But when it comes to learning something new I think I may have an OCD, :D.

I just cant find any info on it at all, hence the question.
Any1 have any ideas even roughly.

Any opinions would be great.