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firsts works here


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Pointer - Don't use Jokerman

The only exception is when the brief is ironic, then it's best to team it with Comic Sans and 2 lens flares, maybe a 20px drop shadow...


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We don't get a lot of signatures around here...
I'd say the first one is the best because you make good use of the colors and the light on it is better than it is on the other ones. There is a sense of flow in it, which I'll just assume was intentional, so that's a thumbs up for you :up:

The Paramore tag isn't very nice because the light is messed up (what's the deal with that big blotch in the corner) and I don't quite like the filter (which vaguely looks like Topaz) the render has on it. Furthermore the text is rather poor.

The third piece (with the ninja) relies way too much on C4D renders and I feel that you've done very little with the stock. I know the stock, I've used it myself back in the day.

The last one is pretty good, but that's a very feeble attempt at recreating natural light. Also some of it is too random such as the signature in the top left corner and the one at the top (middle). Also the grunge brush you used for it is very harsh, and as such clashes with the render.

Keep it up though, there's some good stuff in there. The fact that you try to pay attention to light already says a lot
ya, the cell signature i did as a request on a forum that i used to acess, the others works is just somethings radoms that i did in PS, thx for the feedbacks and critiques guys, im gona work to get better n better :-D

ps: i didnt liked the paramore sig , i posted it here, cuz its the only jobs that i have left in my HD
sure, i started to work in photoshop by tutorials that a found, since then, im doing n trying stuff n learning something new everyday, as i said, i wont stop now, ill keep learning and getting better :-D