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Final Project - Struggling for ideas - any suggestions of what I can do?


Junior Member
Currently need to propose ideas for what I want to design and manufacture for my final year project and currently have a mental block. Worst time ever to have it. Anyone got any ideas of what I could design and manufacture for my final year project?

Any suggestions would be greatfully appreciated.

We have good facilities available to me to manufacture such as CNC millers, Laser cutters, CNC lathes, Rapid prototype machines (3D printers).

Any help Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
firstly, introduce yourself properly, none the less welcome.

My advice is to go out and look around, go christmas shopping, look at what's for sale, what's popular. If you are asking others for ideas I think you should question your career choice as you should know research and inspiration is the start of any project.