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final choice of graphic design business name...HELP!

What is your favourite Name?

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hi guys,

im creating a new graphic design agency, i really need you opinion, feeling and feedback on a range of names i have come up with,

please vote, give feedback or ideads on my name choices, thank you so much.
Every time I have a conversation on the phone with a customer, and i give them our website or email address I wish my boss had picked a name that people can spell easily. I have no idea how many customers are lost because they send emails that never reach us.

So based on that, let's look at your list!

  • Reign of Colour - people won't be able to spell 'reign'
  • Reign of Ink - as #1
  • Raining Ink - possible
  • Ink Warfare - possible
  • Colour Warfare - possible
  • Inkspire - easy to misspell
  • Vivid Pixel - possible
  • Inkspiration - easy to misspell
  • Colour Asylum - people won't be able to spell 'asylum'
  • Ink Asylum - as above...