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FilmHammer.com Founder

Hi people.

I'm a film production student from the UK, living in Preston, studying in my first year. Film is where my heart is, where my ambitions lie, and where i want to be in life.

One of the projects i am working on is a website called filmhammer.com. It's an oppinion based film website thats in the early stages of development. I'm on that never ending learning process with CSS and PHP to develop the site, and adding content using wordpress.

I'm not a great designer, nor a great site developer, yet, i know my film, and that's what the site is devoted too. I aim to provide an engaging, informative and opinion based website with a community that feeds itself and uses the filmhammer platform.

If your interested in helping me out here, or want more information, let me know. I'm not asking for fully fledged helpers... just comments and opinions that may help me reach my goal.

Thanks for your time :)