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Festivals Excitement!

Hi Ya'll! :)

I'm going to Sonisphere Knebworth Festival on thursday!! (mainly to see METALLICA):clap::)
I'm SO EXCITED i can hardly contain it and thought i'd tell you all haha!
Any of you goin to this fest?

what festival have you lot been to /going this year?


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I'm always excited at festival time! It means bands who would normally play bigger shows do "warm up" shows in smaller venues that are announced last minute and no one can afford to go, except people who aren't going to the festivals!

Case and point this year, Boysetsfire doing Reading and Leeds, playing a warm up in Bristol!


I went to see Foo Fighters here in Milton Keynes on Saturday.. that was absolutely amazing!!!


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I was going mostly for Jimmy Eat World and Flogging Molly, Foo's were a very good added extra! Instead, I sat in my apartment and watched Only Fools and Horses....rock and roll!


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The surprising thing has been rediscovering how few of the episodes I really remember! I'm up to the forth season and so far its only been 3 or 4.
I just got just got back this week from Sonisphere Festival!
It was amazing to see Metallica perform as the big 4 (megadeth, slayer, anthrax)
I also saw slipknot headline to (scary)

I'm all camped out!


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Josella said:
believe me it was! metallica alone were the best band (alongside the music) i've ever seen live!
I've seen then 3 times now, I doubt they will ever top the st anger secret show at download.

I'm not their biggest supporter though.