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Feedbacks about my music service logo : shoot'it'up !


New Member
Hi Design Forums community !

That would help me a lot if you could give me some advices about my music website logo :
- Which one do you prefer?
- How to improve it?

My website is a free music recommendation service for French people where they can listen to quality playlists based on the time of the day, music styles or moods. These playlists are handmade by French curators, for instance, sports coachs do the jogging playlists, conductors do the classical music playlists, parisian DJs do the partying playlists etc.

I am not sure the logo really matches this spirit.. what do you think ?

Thanks a lot !


You have some great ideas. From the first image you posted, I like the top left and bottom right concept. They appear strongest to me. The red seems to work more effectively than the green and can be associated with other websites that people use for music like youtube and last.fm

The only thing I would change with the top left concept, I would make the red ring of the dial slimmer - it seems a little heavy in comparison to the type below. Whereas the bottom right concept is much more balanced. For practical reasons it may be best to have the arrow on the bottom right concept to the left of the type, rather than above.