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Feedback welcomed with thanks!!


Junior Member
Hi All,

Im new to the post so hello to everyone!, I had a project to rebrand a small non profit organisation that make logs which are compressed, burn very clean and made from wood that comes from a sustainable source.

I came up with this logo that they are very happy with but I would appreciate all feedback. Good, the bad and the ugly :D

Thanks very much!



Needs some work on the old letter spacing...I and M are way too tight.
The copywrite C seems to be a tad lost floating around at the end there to.

How will the logo work in monotone? Will the leafs be a bit to dark?

Work in progress me thinks...keep at it, it's getting there.
I'd also look at some of the alignment, I'd either try to get the top of 'timber' to line up with the marque, or make the marque a bit bigger to come in line with the top of 'urban'. It's all about alignment :D And yeah I echo the other guys, need to sort the spacing out :)

Only other thing I'd sort is the top two leaves, I'd bring them down a touch so you can't see the little blob of back from the arrow that's behind, just to make it tidier.


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Chincherry I like it although I think as the company is green you could have maybe reversed the U and made it the first letter of Urban, the other guys are right the spacing needs to be looked at and the font seems to heavy to be green :))
i agree with most of the posts... definitely with the kerning.

also i think the leaves need some work... maybe a better colour difference between the 3 greens. and a little better shape. also bring the top pair of leaves down a bit as i see the black peeking through.

hope this helps


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Aside from the text, I like the idea behind the logo. But as someone very wise once said on here (whose username escapes me unfortunately) the logo needs to work even in one colour. Imagine if it gets faxed, monotone, and tiny. It should still be recognisable. Nice idea though, I'd work on it more but I like it so far.

How about if you kept the whole RECYCLE element of the logo and made the leaves look more blatantly like the silhouette of a tree?
Nice idea, but a few changes I'd make:

1) Remove the gradient, it looks awful, go with a solid colour, preferably a green or a brown, but black still might work.
2) Round of the edges on the arrow, it looks too sharp and stern as it stands.
3) Fix the kerning on the type, letters should have the same equal amount of space between each of them. Some are spaced apart, some are too close. Make them a bit unified.
4) As said above, think about it's use in a monotone situation.