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Feedback wanted: Would you use a "Design" to "Web Application" service?

Would you use a "design" to "web application" service?

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Hi All,

I’m testing an idea and would appreciate your feedback.

Would you consider using a turn key “design” to “web application” service, for you our your clients?

You would provide PSD files or HTML/CSS and end up with a fully functional database driven web application matching your design, within 30 days at a fixed price.

Key details:
  • Dedicated team (Project Manager, Business Analyst and Developer) with cumulative 20+ years experience
  • The final application is fully hosted ($100 / month), includes an administration console (for managing users, data etc.) and a hosted developer studio (for changing the application code)
  • First 10 pages = $10k with 30 day turnaround time. Additional 10 pages +$5k, +15 days
  • 20% deposit, only pay the remainder if happy with the final application

Thanks in advance!


Stationery Direct

Staff member
Too expensive, I'd definitely get a better price and a more personal service with a local web design company.

I could get a dedicated server for the price you are looking at charging for hosting.